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Indian Top Chefs
Sanjay Thumma born 26 April 1970 popularly known as Vah-Chef is an Indian chef. He is especially popular among the Indian expatriate communities in mainland Europe, Australia and North America. He became known for his online recipe channel on YouTube, which he started in 2007, with over 100 million hits. He became an instant hit for his easy cooking recipes and techniques with an element of fun. He is also popular with the beginners and young homemakers.
Andhra Pradesh Recipes
Non Vegeterian
  • Gooseberry Fish Curry

  • Gongura Egg Curry

  • Bommidala Fish Curry

  • Steamed Egg Bendi Pulusu

  • Egg Steamed Trimmings Curry

  • Egg Makhani

  • Mutton Sambhar

  • Egg Biryani

  • Chicken Roti Sherva

  • Carrot Khoya Kajjikayalu

  • Rice Flour Laddo

  • Corn Laddu

  • Bitter Gourd Sweet

  • Custard Junnu

  • Caramel Junnu

  • Kaju Sweet

Snacks & Tiffins
  • Crispy Potato

  • Corn Meal Flour Murukku

  • Sweet Banana Bread Bajji

  • Vulli Garelu

  • Steamed Rice Flour Upma

  • Ridge Gourd Bajji

  • Potato Pops

  • Poori Laddu

  • Peanut Butter Balls

  • Oats Laddo

  • Paratha

  • Masala Peanut

  • Mayoni Kabab

  • ColoCasia Patty

  • Chapati Dates Laddo

  • ButterMilk Onion Rings

  • Veg Spring Roll

  • Sweet Corn Patty

  • Apple Pinwheels

  • Purnam Burelu

  • Falooda

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